Salt water.

Thanks to Tim for what might be the best news story in history... not because it's a good news story... but because what's in it might actually fundamentally change everything, ever, forever.

They're burning salt water now. 3,000 degrees. Power a car. Heat a building. Salt water.

Salt water. The fire is fucking redorange beautiful. Buy a truck. Buy an SUV. Shit, buy a bus. It runs on salt water. It de-ionizes drinking water while it flies you cross-country. It cures cancer while it heats tenement buildings while it provides a potable supply of water for the whole world. You take a shower in the water that's powering your boat from Lisbon to Madrid, your boat's just sucking it up and using it for fuel and then you drink it, because what the fuck, salt water can do anything. Cures cancer.

Pie pans.

Fuck you, coal. Fuck you, oil. Fuck you, foreign oil. Fuck you George Bush and your fuel cell car, standing there looking dumbly happy when they tell you that it gets nearly 18 miles per gallon. Fuck you wood and tallow and wax and uranium and plutonium. I'm burning salt water.

Salt water.

There's no way this works like I hope.


Ryan Martin said...

Holy shit. So many nightmare scenarios around this and so few right ones. We need to get this going viral if it isn't already, and we need to contact this guy and tell him not to sell his machine to any corporations without a contractual agreement that it will be used.
I mean, holy shit, dude.

nickbujak said...