Make it fun

Why wall between worlds of experience? Plunge into something, something that might be cold or warm, you're not sure, soft or grainy, wholly liquid or just mostly wet, you don't care. Fun does not have to be kept on a leash in a small house behind the large house where you live, miles away from the sad, drop-ceilinged office where you work to rhythm of the clock ticking whip cracking. That boundary is the business of the reifier, who puts tagged collars on dogs made of mist, who dresses spirits up in suits so form-fitting they chafe; the business of the boss and the business of the dog-catcher. To experience every experience as the dog you'll come home to, to prepare to plunge into grainy wet warmth or cold soft wet without anxiety -- the cold wet warm nose of the dog leads the way -- shouldn't this be enough?

Woof woof woof!

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