Insanity. Inanity. Skulduggery. Douchebaggery.

(EDIT 2: I drafted this post a couple of days ago, when it was true. It is no longer true. PostSecret is thoroughly walloping her. But, I reserve the right to post pictures of Michelle Malkin's carrion-rending maw, to which I don't own the copyright, on my blog for the sake of snarky mockery, which she almost never doesn't deserve (as long as it is about her soul-devouring expression, and not her race or gender).)

I would not normally waste your time with such frivolity (he said with orbit-warping gravitas) -- but the classless, you-got-'servative hot hawk hag Michelle Malkin

is beating PostSecret in the annual best blog "competition." Go vote. Remedy this situation. Because it's just insanity. Inanity. Skulduggery. Douchebaggery.

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