calisthenics for seduction

So the part of me that still thinks life is pretty much awesome has always thought this was pretty much the awesomest song of all time.

Also: for the last couple years, Miller Light has been doing this brilliant thing. They manufacture six-packs of 16 oz. plastic bottles, so you get, in effect, eight beers for cheap. The wisdom comes in because, the difference between six and eight beers is the difference between getting drunk and passing out, and getting drunk, doing something stupid, passing out, and waking up with a hangover. The upshot: I watched both Mighty Ducks movies last night, and for some reason, wrote down all my favorite lines on a brochure, including: "So I'm right in the middle of my cross-examination and I say to the guy, I usually defend heels like you, you scuzzy, mole-faced rat!"

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