Pulitzer Highlights

1. Cormac McCarthy, you write like the wind.

2. In the drama category, the Pulitzer board could not agree on a winner from the three finalists submitted by the jury.

In the end, they chose a play that was not on the shortlist - David Lindsay-Abaire's Rabbit Hole, about a wealthy, suburban couple whose son is struck by a car and killed.

"It's a surprise," said the playwright, who is currently working on a stage adaptation of the children's movie Shrek.

"I had processed months ago that it wasn't on the cards," he told the Associated Press, "so I was just going about my day trying desperately to write a lyric for Shrek!"


3. As Alexander Cockburn theorized in a 1984 Wall Street Journal column, the Pulitzers are a kind of show business, a "self-validating ritual whereby journalists give each other prizes and then boast to the public about them."
~Slate (It's a good quote, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't include it because it's by a guy named Alexander Cockburn).

That is all.

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