Honey roasted peanuts

I've had a stressful couple of days. I just had my passport and social security card overnighted to me. That was pretty stressful. I mean, nothing went wrong, but what if something went wrong?

Yesterday morning, I was drunk, and I badly wanted water, but I'm pretty sure I was still asleep. So I grabbed what I must have thought was a cup from my headboard and (sleep)walked into the kitchen. I filled the cup with water and took a sip. But it wasn't a cup. It was a tin of honey roasted peanuts, and it was still full of honey roasted peanuts. I don't know if you've ever drank from a tin of honey roasted peanuts that's still filled with peanuts, but it's pretty gross. A little like ocean water would taste, if the ocean was filled to the beaches with honey roasted peanuts. That woke me up. Almost too bad. I don't think I've ever sleepwalked before, and I could have had a pretty good misadventure on the streets of the city.

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