Sisyphus said...

Squints curiously at computer ... "is that a ... Foucault?"

Or maybe you're just happy to see me?

SenorStephenUrkelDaedalus said...

I think you really need to start a new blog devoted to the "That's what she said." phenomenon. You could even take submissions, like those Livejournal groups where people post Polaroids with wistful things written under them.

D said...

Oh, that's Foucault, baby. Maybe he's happy to see you. Or maybe I'm hiding in his pocket, and I'm happy to see you. It's complicated... and not at all erotic. I always got the sense he was hiding something in those turtlenecks.

Steve: if I had that kind of initiative, I would say that that's a good idea. Feel free to forward along any glorious instances of TWSS that you stumble across.