The New Adventures of Hylas and Philonous: Still Dialoguein' (A Philosophical Investigation)

Hylas: Everybody calls him Pants.
Philonous: Everybody calls him Pants?
Hylas: Everybody who's anybody calls him Pants.
Philonous: Why do they call him Pants?
Hylas: Because everybody else calls him Pants.
Philonous: Except the people who don't call him Pants.
Hylas: Nobodies don't call him Pants.
Philonous: Nobody doesn't call him Pants.
Hylas: Right.
Philonous: So everybody calls him Pants.
Hylas: Everybody calls him Pants.


Dina said...

please tell me you were thinking of Pants from jerkcity.com

please please please


D said...

Because it's you, I'll lie and say yes. But really, I was talking about a friend of mine who was nicknamed "Windpants."

Can't it be both?