Highwaters, capris, plus-fours, trousers, lederhosen, knickerbockers, hiphuggers, nuthuggers, jodhpurs, and the rest. There are many pants.

Even allowing for Arab women, aboriginal Australians, and indigenous Africans (and depending on your classification of the loincloth), by the very most conservative of estimates there are at least five billion pairs of pants in the world. That’s a lot of pants. And then if we allow for the old saying, "I left it in my other pants," and consider it to be a universally applicable maxim, there would be something like 10 billion pairs of pants in the world. That's even more pants.

As a tribute to pants, here's JCVD punching a pantless Asian in the balls. See what you get, pantless Asian?
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Hot chicks with douchebags. It’s only the greatest idea for a website ever. Pictures of hot chicks with douchebags, with acerbic commentary. And surprisingly well executed and imagined. From the FAQ:

'Q: What is "The Grieco"?

A: The Grieco refers to the early 90s b-movie actor and star of 21 Jump Street, Richard Grieco. Richard Grieco spent much of the 1990s perfecting the douchebag look with his overly quaffed hair, excessive bling, tats, and leather jacket over a wife-beater t-shirt. Grieco is the source template for the modern day Douchebag, and so he has attained exalted status on our douche shrine and scrote hierarchy… Grieco was like the Typhoid Mary of douchitude.

Q: Well then what is "The Bleeth" or "Fair Maiden Bleeth"?

A: Fair Maiden Bleeth refers to television star and Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth. A former wonder of nature, Fair Maiden Bleeth found herself enthralled and charmed by The Grieco in the mid 1990s. Her time spent in such close presence to Source Douchitude infected her with enough Grieco 'Bag Virus to kill a large horse. Yet Fair Maiden Bleeth survived. Barely. Her coked out mug shot after four years of being exposed to such heinous douchitude can be seen in the archives of this blog. She is the warning to all hotties featured on this site of what awaits them if they continue down the 'bag path to greasy scrotitude.'

Also: one of the dictionary definitions of “pantaloons” is “Trousers worn in former times.” I must take the boxful of pantaloons that no longer fit me to Goodwill.

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