Secret wifebeaters

I turned on CBS at 10:56, waiting for the Penn State vs. Minnesota game in spite of the fact that they're the two most boring baskerville teams in God's great creation, and caught the end credits of a kid's show. In the background, there were 2 high school chicks in wifebeaters holding hands and dancing with each other to a bad third-generation Euro-house ripoff track. The bottom of the screen said www.secretslumberparty.com. I refuse to go to the link, because I know it will be a huge disappointment, but still -- finally, some children's programming that I can get behind, at least in theory. Holy Christ, what is it about stupid chicks in wifebeaters that makes my inner redneck cock his shotgun?
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Also: I'm so disappointed that the old Talib Kweli Big-10 commercial is gone. The new one is okay and everything, but where's the "they're blocking your big shots and stopping your big men"?! That aside, though, I commend the conference for contracting the man's services. I wonder if the Pac-10 has Fatlip commercials.

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