His hair was perfect! AWOOOOOOO!

The TV on the Radio reckids are aight and everything (I'm practicing understatement, on the path to feigning indifference, in the interest of appearing hipper), but who knew "Wolf Like Me" actually sounded like this? Lookittem go, they think it's Chapel Hill in ninety fo'! It's like a punk-as-fuck version of "Highway to the Danger Zone," and that can't be bad. And you've got to respect Kyp Malone's out-of-tune falsetto backing wail at the 2:45 mark that stoically wears its course to completion, and then the way, right after it, he stomps out this intense little Devo-dance foot shuffle. And Tunde Adebimpe could sell me anything, as long as he was waving his hand in the air like that.

"Gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your mind!"

As Letterman puts it, "Yeah, I guess so. Yeahaha. Cool. Oh, that was nice. Nice to see you. Oh, that was great." What the fuck?!

And: further proof that the obvious, sane, and humane first step in post-Katrina American Affirmative Action is to subsidize indie rock and cede total creative control and 60% of manpower to non-white people.

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Ryan Martin said...

haha, letterman.

re: the ATDI thing - i totally remember that! i gotta say, they pretty much pwn TVotR for performance, though the TVotR one you put up was actually pretty unexpectedly good.