Gonna make you sweat til you bleed.

50 Cent is hilarious sometimes, because he’ll spit all furious like,

When I die, they'll read this and say a genius wrote it,

and then, like two lines later, he’ll be like,

In this white man's world, I'm similar to a squirrel
Lookin' for a slut wit a nice butt to get a nut,

which may or may not be genius, but is also, intentionally or not, a lot like a C&C Music Factory song from like 1990.

It's your world and I'm just a squirrel
Trying to get a nut to move your butt to the dance floor.

It will be interesting to see if, in the year 2057, they will worship 50 like George Carlin does Bill & Ted, and Princeton Universtiy Press will publish the collected poems of 50 Cent as a slim annotated volume, and young literature students will read it in awe, take notes in the margins ("irony?" or "what a capacious intellect!" or "note formalist rhetorical stategies, neutered violence," or double-underline couplets like "I'm the hardest from New York, my flow is bonkers, all the other hard n***s, they come from Yonkers"), and adulate the memory of Fiddy with superlative praises. Frankly, though, I’m fine with people calling Fiddy a genius when he dies, as long as that epithet doesn’t escape the Factory. Shit, throw in Technotronic and I’ll give you Lloyd Banks.

Shakespeare, Dante, Homer, sub-European dance track producers, and G-Unit. Truly towering intellects. Gonna make you sweat!

Now THAT, my friends, is GENIUS.

Also: have you ever noticed that the saxophone break in the middle of this song rips of "Salt Peanuts" by Dizzy Gillespie? Incredible!

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