Three divided by twenty-three is point one three zero four.

So Jim Carrey was in the Charlie Kaufman-written Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Charlie Kaufman was played by Nic Cage in Adaptation, which was also written by Charlie Kaufman.

Nic Cage also played Donal Kaufman, who in Adaptation wrote a script for a thriller called The Three. In The Three, it turns out the killer and the good guy are really the same person, but he can't control himself. It was ostensibly intended as a parody by Charlie Kaufman of the types of things people with integrity don't do.

There are currently trailers everywhere for a new Jim Carrey movie, called The Number 23, in which Jim Carrey plays a man who is haunted by the number twenty three (sample dialogue: "two divided by three, six six six... the number of the devil"). Jim Carrey cannot control himself, and becomes a deranged killer.

And it's directed by Joel Schumacher, who ruins good concepts routinely. Hell, he ruins great concepts. He ruins everything. Of all the world's crafts and craftsmen, he is the man who crafts the least well whatever it is that he happens to craft.

I can't wait for them to bump into each other in the street. How deliciously awkward.

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