The Pearl of the Mohair Goat

The thing about the Oscars in-memoriam montage for those dead whose deaths are noteworthy enough to be noted is, it’s a pretty shitty acid test for the worth of a life. Because, obviously, it would suck to be in the movie industry and deemed “not important enough” to be recognized in the Oscars ceremony. Just imagine that deliberation process between the producers.

-“Sammy Gallagher, the gaffer from that noir The Pearl of the Mohair Goat… he died last month.”
-“Yeah, that’s a classic. God damn, he was a good gaffer. The electrical wiring on that set was a joy to behold! But we’ve only got ninety seconds. Let's get our heads in the game, people!”

But also, it’s like one of those wet t-shirt contests that are judged by applause. The people that the audience knew and loved especially get rousing ovations (Don Knotts or Robert Altman), while the Japanese director who was active in the late 50s and is considered an important influence on Ozu or whatever gets only a polite and rote smattering. It’s kind of depressing.

That said, Don Knotts and Robert Altman are way better than those other guys.
Frankly, though, I hope nobody applauds when I die. Irony?

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