Who is set to play Fletch in Fletch Won, you ask? Don't tell me it's... oh no... please god... not

Joshua Fucking Jackson. Yeah, that'll probably be pretty good. Everybody knows, there's only one man who is neither Chevy nor Chase that can play this role. You know who I mean.

Ryan "shirt allergy" Reynolds. Why isn't this man the biggest star in the world, again? Oh, that's right... Smokin' Aces. Plus, he's allergic to shirts, which is wreaking havoc on his ability to do things that require them, such as receive service from 7/11... or play Fletch... wait a second...

A woman named Butts could face 3 years in prison for stealing 3 rolls of toilet paper from a Marshalltown courthouse. "See, I can't say it with a straight face," said Chief Lon Walker. God bless America.

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CircleGetSquare said...

although i can't say i'm in love with joshua jackson, i will say he's a better choice than zach braff. how heartbreaking would braff be as fletch? he'd be great as dr. rosenpenis, though.