If people think I'm arrogant, and I don't think I'm arrogant, that probably means I'm arrogant, right?


Tempest said...


nick bujak said...

I've found that people often confuse arrogance with confident, (perhaps aggressive) discussion/argumentation.

Ryan Martin said...

No, George W. Bush is arrogant. You're just a person being punished for being confident in your knowledge, opinions, and abilities. Most other people are profoundly insecure and would prefer you be the same.

D said...

Score at this point:

Nays - 2. (Articulate, sophisticated gentlemen.)

Yays - 1+. (Ex-girlfriennd who legally changed her name to something more ostentatious, on a years-long crusade/lark.)

It's all tied up. I gotta give an extra vote to somebody who would know. (ZING!) Quit punishing me, Tempest!

Many thanks, all responders.