Dr Tye was a peevish and humoursome man

I have a theory, untested genealogically but ironclad in my gut, that I'm related to an English composer named Christopher Tye. This hunch is based on certain facts, like: we have the same last name, and; this guy is fucking awesome.

It only makes sense. I mean, I'm a jerk, and Andrew Wood said, "Dr Tye was a peevish and humoursome man, especially in his latter dayes, and sometimes playing on ye Organ in ye chap. of qu. Elizab. wh. contained much musick, but little of delight to the ear, she would send ye verger to tell him yt he play'd out of Tune: whereupon he sent word yt her ears were out of Tune." That's right, he totally bitchslapped Queen Elizabeth. That sounds like something somebody I'm related to would do.

And if that's not enough, Henry VIII said, "England hath one God, one truth, one doctor hath for music's art, and that is Doctor Tye, admired for skill in music's harmony." Yep, I'm probably related to him, since I kind of like doo-wop and girl groups.

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