Cunt stubble stunt double

An ex-classmate of mine pointed out this morning via facebook status that every time you come up with a pun and google it, you discover that it's already been done. I found out after I started using it that "Flowbear" was the alias of a guy on a porn forum. And honestly, who in their right mind came up with "L. Ron Maiden" before I came up with L. Ron Maiden? What were the circumstances there? "Eddie Puss" isn't even funny, not even amusing and it's taken. These are not puns on the level of The John Cougar Concentration Camp, or even R.E.O. SpeedDealer.

Well, some time in my sophomore year of college the phrase "cunt stubble stunt double" occurred to me, and it makes me giggle sophomorically every time I think about it. Furthermore, it elicits 0 hits on google. So I'm just putting it here, hard copy, in the hopes that in the distant future, it ruins somebody's day. I saw her first!

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