The elements of style

Look hard. What's wrong with this picture? (Click to enlarge, if you dare.)

Also: I'd never really thought about it this way before, but I have a very mild but longstanding feud with a guy who's got a hostile long-standing feud with a guy who totally stuck it to Winona Ryder. (They at least made out. I saw it in People Magazine).

Plus, my uncle was the set doctor on the movie the River Wild (also Cliffhanger with Stallone), so I'm only, like, one degree away from Kevin Bacon. Which means, you're only two degrees away from Kevin Bacon. You're welcome.

I actually used to have a backpack that he gave me for my birthday that Meryl Streep had given to him. It had a thank you note in red thread inside that Ms. Streep had herself hand-stitched. He took it back when he found out about it. Gave me $20 bucks, which was fair. I mean, he's only a doctor.


Anonymous said...

The best part about Hillary's camel-toe picture is the look on her face -- like she knows it's there, and is maybe enjoying it a little.

D said...

Casual Camel Toe: The Hillary Clinton Story.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice write-up! Every time I hear the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” I am reminded of ‘goals.’ A writer's journey starts when he bites the tip of his pen, thinks about ideas, and put it to writing. But how does a writer create an effective narrative?
"the elements of style "