New tomorrow, is the future

This is a picture of a condo in the building that I signed a lease for, and am moving to as far as I know. This picture is from a style magazine. I'm moving to a building that's featured in a style magazine. This is about three times bigger than my place, but those windows? They look just like my windows. I'm on floor 15. There are 16 floors. This could be very neat. Please cross your fingers for me. Remember who we're talking about here. Me. No way this goes smoothly.

For luck: several shots of Miranda July's eyes.

Also: The previous post did not make clear just how dearly I actually love Revenge of the Nerds. So, caveat emptor.

Speaking of Latin. One of my favorite movie exchanges is when, in Loaded Weapon 1, F. Murray Abraham says to Emelio Estevez, "Quid pro quo, Mr. Colt." "What does that mean?" asks Emilio. F. Murray Abraham is taken aback, looks at him like he's crazy. "It means I'm pretentious," he says.


bujak said...

sick apartment, dude

D said...

i feel like i should be a coke dealer or i'm disgracing it.