I'm just the best.

I can admit it. I'm a lousy scholar, a worse gentleman, and a totally worthless officer. But there's one thing I've got that nobody else has, and nobody can ever take away from me, and that is this: I like Stephen Malkmus's first solo album better than anybody else in the world.

This kills me every time. "Jo Jo's Jacket." Funniest Video Ever.

With the kittens and the Keep On Truckin'.


Joe said...

I'm personally fond of "Jenny & the Ess Dog", "Phantasies", and "Black Book". The black book you took was permanentally diversified. Cousin, why?

D said...

But... but... but what about "Jo Jo's Jacket," "Church on White," "The Hook," "Discretion Grove," "Troubbble," "Pink India," "Trojan Curfew," "Vague Space," "Deado," and the entirety of Terror Twilight?!

But yeah, those three are kind of the bomb. "Jenny & the Ess Dog" might have-would have been a Pavement top 5. See those rings on her toes? Check that Frisbee in his Volvo. It's a Volvo with ancient plates!

Joe said...

And off came those awful toe rings...

AlI totally forgot about "The Hook" and "Troubbble," both of which were listened to a lot in yonder days before last.fm existed. I was actually so into this record, I got my friend Rose from the Poster Children to sneak my 18-year-old self into Malkmus' Halloween show in Champaign. He was dressed as Dr. Livingston and his keyboardist was dressed like Henry Rollins. (Dude kept asserting that he "didn't grow up rich and educated like you kids... I went to the university of fucking Haagen Dazs!") Also, ever notice how obsessive Pavement fans (myself included) almost uniformly consider Terror Twilight a glorified Malkmus solo record? The solo demos on the attendant EPs prolly don't hurt that assumption, I guess.

D said...

Ryan actually introduced me to Rose at the Slint show at the Metro. She was way, way, way, way, way more interested in the fact that I was in a band than she really had any cause to be. What a nice lady. Good lord, so adorable.

I always consider TT a tried-and-true Pavement record, but that's just because it fits in the pantheon of what I consider to be the best stretch of rock and roll long-players by any band in history without a dud to start or cap it. (Talk about an arbitrary designation.) But, I guess Malk played pretty much every instrument but the drums on it. So, in effect, it's a glorified solo album.

I would have loved to have bought ice cream from Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye at that fucking ice cream shop, man. Just one time.