Struts & Cams

I haven't made a music video since the Wu Tang cover. And how am I going to top that? But, I also haven't had this much fun since I was a little kid. Shoutout to Steve for making it happen. I've never seen anyone fake pop 'n' lock so well.

It's called "Struts & Cams," and it's about dancing.


nickbujak said...

those are some pretty sweet roundhouse kicks. did you write that song? it's also sweet

SenorStephenUrkelDaedalus said...

Movie history, my friend. Movie history.

Ryan Martin said...

hahaha. you make good use of your free time.

D said...

I wrote the song and the roundhouse kicks. I'm fucking sweet.

It's like I always say: why make the world better through volunteerism when you can put on a Yoda mask and run around like a jackass?