You put a pebble in your mouth so you don't feel thirsty.

Moving really kind of freaks me out.

“Look at what passes for the new.”
~William Carlos Williams


bujak said...

oh snap are u moving tomorrow?

Denise said...

i am visiting iowa city like, friday. you leave. i have owed you a whiskey for so long. and my boyfriend has a crush on you. i cry. but! enjoy your frolics in the towers! and kick ass! and dont take names! cause who are you to need names!

D said...

I'm leaving here Saturday, and arriving in the fair city of Baltimore on Monday, when I will be greeted with much fanfare by the security guard that I have to employ at my building to oversee moving my shit in. He doesn't help. He just hangs out.

Oh, necie. You do owe me a whiskey. And you boyfriend has exquisite taste in me. I'm putting up ten bucks to a quarter that we'll meet again in a room full of very, very smart people and then we'll burst into laughter at the absurdity of it all.