I can strut my boody, make my sweet pigmeat, and other mild amusements

Anachronistic sexual innuendo of the day: "She shall have no other food; and that will make her my slave. And the man that slays me shall have her for his booty."
~GB Shaw

To wit: OED entry for "booty, n. 3." I'll bet you some jive-ass whitey academic stifled some chuckles putting this together. (And I totally, self-consciously censored Carl Van Vechten, because I'm a bowdlerizer on this blog.)

I. Simple uses.

1. Sexual intercourse; a person (esp. a woman) regarded as an object of sexual ambition or desire. Also (occas.): the female genitals. Cf. ASS n.2 1b.
1926 C. VAN VECHTEN N****r Heaven II. iii. 215 Now..that you've gone white, do you really want..pinks for boody? 1935 Z. N. HURSTON Mules & Men 192 If you want good boody Oh, go to Ella Wall. 1978 W. BROWN Tragic Magic 104 I'm giving up neither money or bootie! 1992 F. M. DAVIS Livin' Blues 36 A woman had a ‘pussy’..or ‘booty’. 1997 Touch May 20/2 Grab a glass of wine..in the upstairs bar and watch all that fine booty just flow on by.

2. The buttocks.
Prob. the earlier sense, esp. given the similar sense development of ASS n.2, PUSSY n. 6, etc.
1959 F. L. BROWN Trumbull Park 363 Getting kicked in the booty would be mighty discouraging too. 1960 N. FLORENCE in P. Oliver Blues fell this Morning vii. 189, I can strut my boody, make my sweet pigmeat. 1980 Washington Post (Nexis) 4 July C8 ‘You're cute up there,’ she told singer Esther Williams. ‘You should shake your booty a little. You have a nice booty. Shake it a little.’ 1999 N.Y. Times 12 Dec. IX. 4/3 This is a woman's best part... A skirt has to scoop under the booty.

II. Compounds.

3. booty bandit chiefly Prison slang, a homosexual man; (also) a man who commits male rape. booty call, a visit made to a person for the (sole) purpose of having sexual intercourse; an invitation to have sexual intercourse.
1962 P. CRUMP Burn, Killer, Burn 293, I lost 'em fightin' a *booty bandit in a black cell. 1993 K. SCOTT Monster 293 Fat Rat had a reputation for being a ‘booty bandit’ and thrived on weak men with tight asses. 1998 G. CANADA Reaching up for Manhood 143 All of the guys who been serving time in prison know the score... When the booty bandit stops someone else from taking the guy's dessert, it's a declaration that this is my new bitch. 1993 ‘DUICE’ (title of song) *Booty call. 1994 YSB (Nexis) 30 Apr. 54 Guys don't have to make the ‘booty’ calls these days. 2001 Cosmopolitan (Electronic ed.) June, A guy I'd been seeing made a booty call. Afterward, he said, ‘High five!’ and reached out his hand to slap mine.


I mean, if somebody asked me, would you be willing to pay 2 dollars per day for electricity, I would say yes, but every month, I find myself wondering, "which were the electricities that ran through this house for a cumulative cost of $60?!"


"Five minutes after smoking the drug, none of the doses had any effect on the pain felt.

"But 45 minutes later, those who had smoked the moderate dose said their pain was much better, while those who consumed high doses said it had got worse.

"They did, however, feel 'higher' than counterparts who had taken moderate doses."



Getting into the dictionary is one thing. Getting into the dictionary with a sentence this good -- "Augustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics" -- is something only Gregor Mendel could do.

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