Not in a Slint way, but I miss you

I'm watching PBS right now, and there's a Middle-Eastern man interviewing another Middle-Eastern man about the Middle East in English, and I realize, I don't think I have ever seen this on television before. This, for one reason or another, embarrasses me.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I'm listening to PBS, because ever since I got my new glasses, I've had intense headaches all day, every day, and I'm only comfortable after an hour in the dark. But hey, the optometrist can squeeze me in next Wednesday, to "run some tests." (He's been on vacation for 2 weeks, and patients are backing up!) Fucker. Why is it that every time I've gone to a doctor in the last five years, they've just made my shit worse? If I had a fist made of electrified bees, I would go around punching doctors with it. As it stands, I have no punishment cosmically appropriate enough bother with, so I'll just let them go about their business, helping orphans and indigent elderly for free and shit. Oh wait.

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