So, it turns out that some ducks have penises as long as their bodies, in evolutionary response to females not wanting to have sex with undesirable males and therefore evolving circuitous, winding oviducts. There's a long article about it in the New York Times, but it's not nearly as funny as you'd hope it would be. Not by half. That said, the picture and caption more than make up for it.

Patricia Brennan, a behavioral ecologist, examining the phallus of a Pekin duck.

Then she says, and I quote, "This guy’s the champion."

Ghostface would be proud.


This is the most amusing cross I've seen somebody climb up on in a while.

"...some [grammarians] even went so far as to say that in Modern English [subjunctive] usage is “pretentious”. The fools ! The subjunctive mood is a beautiful and valuable component of the English language, and instead of dying out, it actually is enjoying a subtle revival."

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